If you have come across a donkey that you feel needs help, please get in call The Donkey Haven Charity and report your findings. Make sure you can provide as much information as possible – the checklist below is a guide of what details will be needed:

  • Your name, address an contact details
  • The date, time and a definitive location of where the donkey is
  • Detailed description of why you feel they need help
  • Photographs or video footage if available and if you are willing to share with us

What happens next?

With an experienced equine team on board we will start investigations and to locate, treat, and if possible if we cannot work with a local rescue group , bring the animal “home”

All animals will receive veterinary treatment if required immediately.

To know that we can all help , all make a difference is really very special

From our co-working clinical help, funders, donators, adopters and volunteers we will be able to raise the revenue to make this a reality.

It will not happen without sizeable funding but as we know life does not have a ‘price.’

BUT if we can manage to bring ‘home’ a handful of souls each year, treat, rehabilitate and rehome wouldn’t this be incredible!

To know that we have all contributed to rescuing an animal who has never known a life free from incarceration, from toiling day and night often in indescribable unrelenting pain, hunger, dehydration, experiencing brutality and never experiencing love and liberty, we can achieve this.



It is unrealistic to expect that all animals may be suitable for rehoming. Those that can be will be rehomed, and it is very much the mission for this to happen where appropriate and suitable. Others will call The Donkey Haven Charity their home for the rest of their lives.

Stringent home checking will be required, prior to and after rehoming, and must be agreed to ongoing, during the donkey’s life.

An online form will be available very soon for those not tech savvy! Also you are most welcome to call or email the office to find out more. >>