Sadly donkeys are mistreated for many different reasons and in many areas of the world. We hope that through raising awareness of what is really happening to these beautiful creatures, we can help educate people and save more donkeys from abuse and exploitation.

Please note that although the following may be difficult to read, we must highlight the reality.

Meat market trades in Asia

Prolific in their cruelty of these gentle souls, stacked high in trucks, broken limbs, foals at foot, beaten into lorries and slaughter yards, brutally handled, kicked beaten with metal sticks, for ‘lurou huoshao’ an Asian burger snack made from donkey meat ,meat is often cut, live from animals housed cruelly behind the restaurant.

Distressing reading indeed but we need to know and acknowledge to save these animals.
The ejiao trade in China, again animals being used for supposed ‘health’ benefits of humans the skin supposedly used to lower blood pressure when drunk as a juice, made from the gelatine derived from donkey skin, over 1000,000 donkeys stolen for this trade, donkeys originally costing £17-20 now costing up to £200, causing poverty amongst donkey owners themselves and although now banned in Kenya, the trade continues in China, Africa, Senegal amongst other worldwide locations.

Greece and Spain

Donkeys here =profit
They work hard all day carting their heavy loads of tourists, too heavy to bear in searing temperatures, their feet sore on the cobbles and barren rocks are hobbled (tied) at night to prevent a chance of escape or freedom.


In Santorini 500 steps to the old town of Fira are traipsed every day by donkeys and mules again by tourists. When a completely serviceable cable car has been in existence for decades of years
Owners and local authorities holding onto the tourism “tradition“ donkey transport.
Even though constituting a clear breach of lawful equine welfare bill put in place here to protect these animals, stipulating water, food, protection from heat,
These animals receive none of the above left on a break if they receive one in blistering heat , some without water desperately if not tied trying to find shade .
These conditions are illegal but ignored and accepted by the authorities established to protect them.


In 2018 workers of a political party subjected a donkey to severe torture after “labelling“ him as a rival party in Karachi. Days before the election he was horrifically tortured and although rescued by a local charity, he sadly died of his injuries days later.
Decades and thousands of cases of animal abuse, with equines of such low status deemed as disposable and dumped when old, sick, left to fend and if unable to move in the street mown down and left to die.

What can you do to help?

Sadly around the world donkey cruelty is still prolific.
If you are traveling and you witness cruelty to an animal, report to a local rescue organisation, please try to obtain video footage with location, date and time. We can liaise with local rescues and of course we are here to assist you ourselves.