“Every spirit born to this world deserves to love and be loved free from cruelty, pain, imprisonment or restriction of freedom, then they will know what it truly is to live this beautiful life “

Karen Fitz-Hugh, Founder

Our Vision

Many of us have travelled to different locations around the world and UK, witnessing the less than acceptable standards of care and cruelty bestowed to animals, either as pets, working or wild animals. Upon your return home I’m sure these animals have stayed in your thoughts and hearts and possibly wanted to help but not known how.

The Donkey Haven charity seeks to rescue rehabilitate and in some case rehome these animals, either working with charities within the country itself or attempting to bring the animal “home“ here to the sanctuary. There is no doubt about such a huge mission. It can appear overwhelming, freight alone is costly but it CAN be done with your help.

We can make a difference and if it is small numbers a year those numbers are all individuals who deserve the life they should have.

One step leads to hundreds of miles and there is hope and realisation in this mission.

Upon their return it is The Donkey Haven’s mission to give aid for their recovery, rehabilitate, rehome if appropriate, allowing the process to start again. Worldwide cruelty descends upon these noble kind creatures. Beasts of burden, often an old fashioned description but this should not define them or their lives.

FACT: A donkey should carry no more than 20% of his body weight. Yet they do. Daily.

Their tiny frames given to more than they can handle, on a daily basis, without water, food, shade, injured, crippled and malnourished they carry on day after day. Poverty, ignorance and total disrespect for these dear animals, who give so much every day and receive nothing, absolutely nothing in return. What life is this?

If you would like ideas on how to help through donations and fundraising ideas, head to our fundraising page. Once again thank you – your help is going to change a donkey’s life forever.