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Want to come and visit The Donkey Haven Charity?

Pre-booked visits are always welcome. We offer cream teas and pasty lunches with vegetarian and gluten-free options available. You can even book a donkey walk – wander down the country fields and back. Friendly dogs allowed on leads

Book your hour slot between 11am and 4pm by calling 07549283400 or emailing operations@thedonkeyhavencharity.org If we’re busy looking after the donkeys, please do leave a message and we will call you back as soon as we are free.

We look forward to meeting you soon !

Latest News

The Donkey Haven Charity
The Donkey Haven Charity
For Vicky and Richard from west Venn holiday lets !
Thank you for purchasing your hay order today and for your kind donation!
£3.50 a bale

Vicky was impressed with the quality of our hay , it is beautiful quality if you would like to purchase please call
07549 283400
All monies raised supporting the donkeys in our care .
Thank you
The Donkey Haven Charity
The Donkey Haven Charity
I have the pleasure and honour to meet some of the nicest people visiting our centre often with the most unusual professions / vocations
All wonderful people doing an amazing job
Mandy and Mark came to visit the Haven and they rescue bats 🦇 running from shebbear bat rescue
Their own rescue ..so if you find one these injured cuteys please do contact them , they rescue and rehabilitate and release if they can
So here’s one rescue promoting another all in the name of helping animals !
Mandy and Mark came to visit with their lovely dog Logan thank you for your visit and your donation very appreciated
The Donkey Haven Charity
The Donkey Haven Charity
Chilled out summer evenings ❤️
Good night everyone!
The Donkey Haven Charity
The Donkey Haven Charity
Look at Jack !
Have we turned a corner?
Now if you know our dear donkeys here you will know that Jack only loves one person Gavin 😊!
Always first up for a hug with Gavin but any one else he’s a very shy donkey !
Also …erm a tad challenging with our farrier Frank 😬and certainly not friends with the vet or dentist !

Jack and I were friends until Ias you know I booked his dental , the vet and blacksmith on arrival and he’s slowly coming around and forgiving me !
But Look , !!
Jack over the past weeks is beginning to become a people person
His trust has grown and grown and here he is yesterday with Melanie , who came up with Kevin and Imogen for a visit , he’d never met Melanie before !
Melanie , Kevin and Imogen
Thank you for visiting and your donation ! And tasty carrots!
I know Imogen enjoyed her visit , brushing Mr Percy and Mr McGregor!
All those soft words and gentle touches Jacks learning it’s ok to be a more people person donkey !
Jack , we are SO proud of you bless your heart !
The Donkey Haven Charity
The Donkey Haven Charity
Thank you Jane Hunt for purchasing some of our beautiful hay !
Mr and Mrs Hunt arrived today with a trailer and bought several bales and most kindly left a donation also for which are most grateful so THANK YOU both!
Need hay yourself ?
Beautiful meadow hay £3.50 per bale
Cut and baled in June 2022 proceeds to
The Donkey Haven Charity
The Donkey Haven Charity
The Donkey Haven Charity
Marcus and Milo saying a very big thank you to Pam and the lovely ladies from Chilsworthy ladies group for your donation
And hoping to arrange that cream tea for you very soon !
So grateful thank you !

Looking for a lovely couple
of hours ?Cream tea Pasty Lunch ?
Donkey hug ! Of course , just call
We would be delighted to book you in !

If you have any questions, please get in touch. We’re here to help.