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The Donkey Haven Charity
The Donkey Haven Charity
Dear Mr Woolland
Thank you for your donation
We are so grateful
The donkeys all send their gratitude!
Best wishes to you !
The Donkey Haven Charity
The Donkey Haven Charity
Dear Wendy Hill
Wendy thank you for your subscription!
We really need all the help we can to keep going so a great big
THANK YOu 🍾to you for your kindness!
We are open for visitors please call 07549 283400

Pasty lunch
Cream tea avaliable and of course a donkey hug !
Lovely day out !
The Donkey Haven Charity
The Donkey Haven Charity
Introducing two new wonderful rescued souls to our family here at
The Donkey Haven Charity
Marcus and Milo
We are delighted to have them here and look forward to introducing you soon !
The Donkey Haven Charity
The Donkey Haven Charity
Dear Vikki Scott
Thank you for your very kind donation it really means so much to the continuation of doing what we do !
The Donkey Haven Charity
The Donkey Haven Charity
Good afternoon!
Hoping your all well
This week I received a telephone call from a very kindly but distressed lady re a donkey in Sokvy Park in the Ukraine
It was very hard to trace him as the lovely lady was not able to access to photos /narrative etc to send on to me , apparently the donkeywas down and not getting up and she was concerned for his welfare ,it took some doing but I eventually tracked down the park manager and we spoke through his assistant who’s English was minimal
They have said he now was in sanctuary/or a stable to recuperate and rest , we established his feet were sore hence laying down , possibly laminitis early stages , so they have assured me he is being taken care of , I’ve offered our charity to assist this dear little donkey in anyway
They were very grateful but currently say they do not need or want help ….
but requested our details if they need us , they were pleased to have been offered help they stated the only welfare to have approached them ,outside of their own country
So they have us to call on and have assured me they are caring for him
I certainly hope so
Thank you to the lovely lady ( name withheld ) who notified us .
Just because we are not a big organisation does not mean we cannot offer big help ..we can
I spoke to our lovely colleagues at Nowzad and exchanged notes on this story as they have contacts there etc
So currently this is the status on this story..
The Donkey Haven Charity exists to aid wherever possible and we do
If you are in the UK /holidaying abroad and see any welfare issues we will always be reactive and try to help
The Donkey Haven Charity
The Donkey Haven Charity
Good morning
Well we promised Mr Rabbitty some friends .. here they are Ed and snowdrop
Little critters that were unwanted due to circumstances so they have a home here they are all getting on famously, I’ve been a bit busy so late post on this but they’ve been here a few weeks now ,
so settled and having a lovely cuddle with Carinna here !
Mr McGregor has an unusual but qute bray as many of you will know that have met him …
sounds like a phone ringing when there food about 😀!
Loving their new best lives in their mansion run , built by Gavin
Thank you Gavin ! 😊
They look forward to meeting you all on vists !
#animal Charity

If you have any questions, please get in touch. We’re here to help.